2021 Update

We hope you all had a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.

Naturally, we’re saddened to be writing another COVID-19 post almost a year after our lives all changed last March. The pandemic has affected the band like everyone else; we’ve all been affected and challenged in our personal lives by this virus, and we’ve had to take the longest break from performing of our whole musical lives!

This has strengthened our resolve to get back out on the road and perform our gigs with more enthusiasm than ever before. Our 2020 calendar was almost wholly wiped out, and while most of those were rolled over to this year, we’re already at that stage of hearing about more potential cancellations/postponements of events that are happening in the Spring.

We have already made an effort to reach out to our clients for this year, and we will continue to monitor events closely and communicate with clients and venues. Rest assured, we absolutely intend to honour all of our bookings and desperately hope we get to entertain lots of new faces this year.

Please get in touch with us via our website or Facebook for any help or information you need from us as the vaccination program continues to go ahead at an encouraging rate, we hope to see an announcement as soon as possible that allows weddings and functions to move forward in a normal but safe manner.

Until then, sit tight, stay healthy, and keep your fingers crossed!

Outside In

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