July, August – We salute you

As explained in our previous post, we had a very exciting schedule creeping up on us when we entered the Summer months. Words like ‘amazing‘ and ‘fantastic‘ lose their meaning when thrown around so frequently but it’s hard for us not to use them when explaining how much fun we’ve had over the last few weeks.

We’ve played some fantastic functions; be it at a huge venue in Nottingham, a party down in Derby, or a plethora of gorgeous wedding receptions across Lincolnshire, we’ve shared some amazing moments with hundreds of enthusiastic people.

A particular shout out goes to an event we had the honour to play at the start of August at Belton Woods Hotel in Grantham, The Greatest Masquerade Ball. At this charity event, 160 generous people gathered for an evening of great food, great humour, and great partying.

outside in 2

Organised by co-hosts Vicky and Luke, the evening raised thousands of pounds for Muscular Dystrophy UK. The venue looked five-star and the event contained brilliant performances and generous prizes, and through their tireless efforts and months of planning everyone had an amazing time, leaving no doubt in anybody’s mind that a repeat event next year is 100% wanted!! From our point of view, it really was a stellar event and different to anything we had done before in our many years of playing. Bravo to Vicky, Luke and the people of Grantham.

Finally – with most of our remaining Aug/Sep events being weddings – we rounded off our festival season returning to the annual Viva SkegVegas VW camping festival in Revesby, Lincs. This is the fourth year in a row we’ve played this gig, and the best yet! Headlining the Saturday night, we must have had the best part of 500 people dancing and singing along to us whether they were inside the packed festival tent or filling the small pockets of space looking in from the outside. As suggested with the picture below, we’ll soon be posting some great media and footage from what is the biggest gig in our calendar.


Playing this gig reunited with our original drummer Cam, made us realise how privileged we are to still be doing this since we started out at school as fifteen year old kids. We are ever proud of our product, our energy and our versatility, and thank you all as always for coming out to watch us and engaging with our show. We hope to see you soon!

Outside In

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